Initial Thoughts

Welcome to The Thinking Family!  This blog is the result of a project that I’ve been seriously mulling over for about eight months now, but actually is a result of the past ten years of parenting.  As any parent does, I’m always thinking about how to raise my girls to be the best humans they can be.  I want them to be able to think critically throughout their lives to grow on a personal level and contribute to the world.  We’ve always been a family that discusses ideas, seeks out new ideas and experiences, and especially reads.  My husband and I continually seek out great thinkers and try to learn new ways to improve ourselves or add value to our lives.  In turn, we take these ideas and present them to our children.

In the past year, it’s really been heavy on my heart to begin to have much more formal discussions with our girls as they are growing.  I’ve been wanting to create weekly plans for family discussions, with corresponding tasks or prompts that will serve to deepen each of our thinking.  As a teacher, I’ve sort of thought of it as a lesson plan for our at-home character education.  I will plan ideas for five days out of the week, knowing that some days we may not be able to meet as a family, or may need more than one day to discuss a particular aspect of a topic.

This blog is meant to record the topics that we discuss for heath and mindfulness–to care for yourself, others, and the world.  I hope you will find useful ideas for your own family, or maybe your classroom, that will guide thinking about living with awareness and purpose.